50 Helpful Resources for Planning, Promoting, and Running a Successful Event

Here’s a a great list of 50 helpful resources to help you plan, promote, and run more successful events, courtesy of Constant Contact.  Whether it’s your first small business event, or one of several big ones on your calendar — this list can help.
Planning your event

Are You Ready for Event Season?
When the Price of Free is too High
How […]

Top 5 Popular Diets That Your Guests Are On (And What That Means for Your Menu)

There are many diets out there these days, and knowing what to serve based on the diets that your guests are observing can be taxing. From Plan-It-On-A-Postit, here 5 popular diets your attendees are following, and some tips to help you manage them.

1. Paleo: Think ancestor food, such as game meats, fish, vegetables, wild fruit, eggs and […]

Tools to Make You a More Productive #EventProf

Great app suggestions from Visual.ly to incorporate into your day-to-day life as an event professional.

Backyard BBQing with one of the BEST!

With America’s birthday tomorrow, one of the most spirited holidays of the year, we thought it only appropriate to do a Backyard BBQ post to kickoff the July 4th weekend. Read. Enjoy. Snag a tip or two, and jot down these refreshing ‘beat the heat’ drinks courtesy of a real cocktail connoisseur.  I mean, it’s […]

3 Ways to Keep Event Budgets on Track

Here’s a summary of some great advice from EventManagerBlog.com on how to stay in the “event black.”

Look under EVERY rock.  Every single element of your event requires a checklist to make sure it is accounted for, and also an understanding of how each item requires payment. Keep track of all of the vendors you work […]

5 Keys to a Well-Branded Event

Here’s a great post from Cvent on branding your events.  To summarize:

Brand Every Detail – think branded giveaways, beautiful decor and consistent fonts/colors.
Create A Face-to-Face Connection – people buy from people they know and trust.
Make it Memorable – use entertainment to engage.
Make it Shareable – use social networks and make it easy for your attendees to […]